Thursday, September 2, 2010

BIG NEWS! Update from my extended break!!

Hello Everyone!

I took a very long break from my blog due to a huge turn in my life! I have decided that I want to share the big news with everyone who takes time out to read my posts!
In may I was completely surprised with the fact that I am having a baby!! We are extremely excited to meet our son! He is due January 3, 2001. His name will be Charles Vincent, after our grandfathers who have passed away. He is such a blessing; the anticipation is killing me!
We have had two ultrasounds so far with another scheduled for next Wednesday!

Here is a picture of my gorgeous baby boy!

I will be getting back into the swing of things with my blog so please stay tuned! Posts will include the normal fashion updates, but will also include personal updates on me and Charlie and fashion posts about maternity wear.
Please follow and continue to comment! I always try to return the favor!


  1. Oh Wow!! Congratulations!!!

  2. congratultions! this is such exciting news, im sure you are absolutely thrilled! i can't wait till charlie is born, he is going to be such a cute baby! (you need to post photos up straight away!) (:


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