Friday, March 12, 2010

Bensimon sneaks

I admit it: I’m getting a little tired of all the trembling talk about “investment pieces.” While I’m all for a justifiably (perhaps) expensive (definitely) item to have and to hold—and certainly for making smart, timeless purchases of lasting pieces—there’s something refreshing about a good old affordable buy. France’s Bensimon sneakers fit that bill nicely. Explicitly designed as “disposable footwear,” the low-top kicks were picked up by everyone from Princess Diana to Jane Birkin after they were introduced in Europe. A few colors have been available in the U.S., but this season marks the debut of the full 21-shade palette. That means there’s now one to go with just about anything. I wouldn’t go so far as to call them disposable, but at $58 a pair, you can go ahead and invest—i.e., buy two.
Coming next week to Tani. For more information, visit

 Photo: Courtesy of Bensimon
Awesomeness in a sneaker. 

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