Tuesday, March 2, 2010

inspired by audrey

ok so many people know that i love audrey hepburn movies. she was chic, flawless, and her movies are always great-when your feeling sad, happy, in love..doesn't matter.

so here are some "audrey-inspired" trends to take with you when shopping for your spring wardrobe!

audrey was best remembered for her "breakfast at tiffany's" look..with the black dress and pearls..
but..spring is almost here! so think more along the lines of boyfriend blazers and flowy floral skirts. the jackets will give you that "put-together look" that she did so well... pair them with big sunglasses (which she was never without) and a shoulder bag.
a great option for the boyfriend blazer that's very affordable: forever21 $29.90
and the skirt: delia's $34.50
pick up some sunglasses at forever 21 or urban outfitters for less than $10.
under the jacket try a basic black or white tank,
and make the outfit your own with jewelry and shoes.
This outfit is great for spring and summer, dressed up or down!


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