Wednesday, March 10, 2010

iceberg ahead

Karl Lagerfeld's Fall Collection for Chanel incorporated an actual iceberg into the runway show.....

NOT kidding.

The imaginative designer expressed that he felt global warming should be addressed by the fashion industry.

The show was an icy hit-
the room was kept at a warm and toasty 25 degrees Fahrenheit to preserve the ice as long as possible.

Faux fur was incorporated into the chic collection, and whether Lagerfeld cares or not, i'm sure the decision to go faux this year went over well with the animal rights actvists.
Artificial fur has come a long way..soon it will be impossible to tell the difference.


source and photos: fashionologie


  1. Love that photo!

  2. This is a mental idea for a runway show, but AMAZING. I think about 4 shoes were lost in the melting ice...

    Thanks for the nice words about my blog, yours is lovely!




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