Sunday, April 25, 2010

braid it baby

So as the weeks go by, it's getting hotter and hotter ..and that long hair that took you two winters to grow out is suddenly becoming quite the burden.

Solution: the classic braid, done your way.
It never gets old, and there's always a way to reinvent the style!

Here's a look at some simple braids to inspire your everyday summer look!

Update (5/2/10): I noticed a couple of you mentioned having layers, I know how you feel. My hair has grown a lot since I had layers put in but I still have the issue of falling hair when I do a side braid. You really have to get comfortable with bobby pins (they're a must when you have layers) and remembering that braids are not perfect! They tend to look better when they're a little messy! Hope that helps!


  1. I adore braids, they look so beautiful.

    Love from Tweet


  2. I love this. But see this is the problem with having a load of layers, I really can't do a proper braid. Maybe a baby braid, but are those really in? Probably not.. boo


  3. I also have the problem with so many layers in my hair!
    I am loving the look of fishtail braids, but since my hair is layered it doesn't really work out. I'll keep trying!
    And i need to learn how to french braid coz i love the headband-look ones.

  4. oh i'm so sad for cut my hair when see them :(
    my hair is on my shoulders right now and wavy, beacuse of that its hard to try that looks.

  5. I love braids! I have really long hair so when I go ride my bicycle I often braid my hair, and it really works wonders :)


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