Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Easter

I put together a quick look at what I'm wearing for Easter. I love holiday's so I like to pick out outfits early!
The blazer I got as an early birthday gift a couple weeks back-random label.
The romper I picked up yesterday -super cheap by Fire LA. It's more of a lavender color than this one below, but has pretty much the same print.
Picked up a Chinese Laundry belt, that has a double buckle like the one below, looks great paired with the romper (only $10 dollars)
And those exact heels from forever 21, but in black. I love them in nude, wish i had them! They're so cheap!

I can't wait until my camera issues are resolved and then I will be able to post actual pictures of daily outfits and purchases!

Have a wonderful Easter everyone!

photo: created with polyvore


  1. Lovely, perfect for summer! Loving the shoes.

    tweet tweet tweet


  2. ooh that belt is really cool! Happy Easter to you too!

  3. Omg, you looked just like the picture. Too cute. I enjoyed your Easter creation. Getting very creative there.....Can't wait for the next get together to see what you put together.


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